Our 2017 Evening Programs                                                                                       

Monday, May 1,  7 PM  Young-Webber Hall at GHS headquarters: CHARLES YOUNG and BUD HOLLAND’S GARAGE (1945-2015)    
Presented by Young-Holland family members.  
Remembering a familiar West Bay institution with character.

Monday, June 5,  7 PM  Young-Webber Hall at GHS headquarters:  CONCRETE BEAUTY—A Continuing Tradition: 
The Life and Legacy of Eric E. Soderholz (“Downeast Dilettante”)    
Presented by Lunaform Studio of Sullivan.   
Honoring the career of the pioneer of American garden pottery.

Monday, July 10,  7PM  
Old Town House Museum:
WABANAKI HISTORY IN GOULDSBORO—An Archaeological Perspective              
Presented by Julia Gray, Abbe Museum Director of Collections and Research.
Our ancient native people as revealed by archaeological digs in Gouldsboro.

Monday, August 7,  7 PM  Old Town House Museum:  “THEY GROW NOT OLD” —The Tragic Life of Phillip Shaw Wood, Jr.  

Presented by Rev. Charles A. Joy.
A Gouldsboro WWII pilot whose fate typifies so many lost in combat.
Monday, September 11,  7 PM  Old Town House Museum:  REMEMBERING THE LIFE OF MIRIAM COLWELL of PROSPECT HARBOR   
Presented by Sandy Phippen, Downeast author.
Honoring the lively talents of a hometown novelist, GHS member, and citizen of the world.
Monday, October 2,  7 PM  Young-Webber Hall at GHS headquartersTUCKER MOUNTAIN LOG HOMES of Sullivan (1988-2017)  
Presented by Cliff and John Albee.
The makers of log buildings, in town and at Schoodic, explain the construction process.