Our Oldest Residents
Here Lies Our History
There are over 40 cemeteries within the Town of Gouldsboro -- large, small, old, new, and everything in between.  Some are well-maintained, some have been abandoned.  They are important places that hold the stories and members of the many families that settled and sustained our community since the late 1700s.  As more people have become captivated by tracing their ancestors, they turn to old cemeteries for clues -- if they can find them.  Once these places are lost, so is a part of our history.

A Mighty Task
The map at right shows the known cemetery locations. Use this link to see a higher resolution image that is more readable when enlarged and go here to see the list to date.  Society members Chuck Hodge and Sheila Daley have been hard at work, locating and documenting the Town's cemeteries for the past several years and the compiled results are available at the Museum. These cemetery inventories and maps are also available through this website on the Cemetery List page. 

Best of Intentions
When you come across an old cemetery overgrown with vegetation, stones toppled over, it's very tempting to just dive in with mowers, brushes, buckets of detergent, and get to work.  PLEASE DON'T!  Instead, please check out our Preservation page for more information and helpful guidance on preserving these stones for generations to come.  

Or contact our Cemetery Committee chairperson, Jennifer Stucker, via email for restoration advice.