Gouldsboro Cemetery Index - 2016


1    Bunker Family Monument (Schieffelin) 

2    Goodwin Cemetery

3    Hodgkins-Wallace Cemetery

    Birch Harbor:

5   Hillside Cemetery (Birch Harbor)

6    Capt. Higgins - Monument


7    Corea Cemetery

8    David Young - Monument

9    Mill Pond Cemetery (Seamon's Point)

10   Crowley Island Cemetery

    Gouldsboro Point:

11   Gouldsboro Point (Aston) Cemetery

12   Nathaniel Shaw Cemetery

13   Alexander Nutter Cemetery

    Ironbound Island:

14   Ironbound Island Cemetery

    Pond Road: 

15   Nathan Jones - Monuments

16   Nathan Martin Cemetery

17  Alfred Young Cemetery (Henry Young)

18   Hillcrest Cemetery

19   Orcutt Cemetery

20   Rolfe- Woodworth Cemetery

21   Joy Cemetery

    Prospect Harbor:

22   Prospect Harbor Cemetery

    South Gouldsboro:

23   A.B. Bunker Cemetery

24   C. Bunker Cemetery

25   David Sargent Cemetery

26   Bunker Memorial Cemetery

    West Bay:

27   West Bay/Gouldsboro Cemetery

28   Robert Ash - Monument

28A  Unknown - Noble Property

29   Whitaker Cemetery

30   Tracy-Rolfe Cemetery

31   Samuel Libby Cemetery

32   Thomas Workman Cemetery

33   Capt. Joseph & Abigail Stevens

33A  Unknown - Eastern Shore West Bay

    West Gouldsboro:

4      Hill Cemetery

34   William Wood Cemetery

35   Ashe Point Cemetery

36   Lakeview Cemetery

37   Taft Cemetery

38   Beech Hill Cemetery

39   Sargent Cemetery

40   Bunker-Robbins Cemetery

41   John Pherson Cemetery

On the left are the cemeteries located on the Map below, referenced by number. Click on the map image to see a larger version.

Specific information regarding each cemetery or monument can be found in reference books and files at the Gouldsboro Historical Society Museum.  These files contain any burial records or transcriptions we we have collected, as well as 
maps and directions to each of the cemeteries, because accuracy of these records can only be confirmed by a visit to the cemetery.    

If the cemetery name on the list is highlighted, we have provided a link to that information here. Just click on the name to see what we have.   

More cemeteries are found each year, so this is definitely a "work in progress." If you have information about a Gouldsboro cemetery not included here, or if you can add to the information or photos we already have, please let us know!  Contact us via email.