Cemetery Preservation 101 will be offered again in Summer, 2018, date TBA

Here is the information for the 2017 Workshop ...
Curious about that “abandoned” cemetery down the road? There are plenty of them on the Peninsula! ...

Anxious to “clean up” your ancestors’ graves and don’t know how? THANK YOU for looking before you leap! ...

Just interested in old cemeteries and want to know more?  You are not alone and in great company! …

                 …And this workshop is for you.

In this introductory session, GHS Board Member and Cemetery Committee Chairperson Jennifer Stucker will discuss and demonstrate the best techniques for documenting, cleaning, and preserving historic gravestones.   Using Bunker Memorial Cemetery in South Gouldsboro as a lab, she will also address current controversies and topics of concern in the field of historic cemetery preservation.  This will be a hands-on workshop and participants will have a chance to apply what they learn using tools and materials provided by the instructor.  

When?  Saturday, September 23, 2017, Noon – 4 PM (have an early lunch before you come or bring a snack)

Where?  Bunker Memorial Cemetery (aka South Gouldsboro Cemetery -- See Map)  

Who?   All are welcome, but class size is limited to 20 -- So register by Wednesday, September 20 by sending us an email with          Cemetery Workshop in the subject line, along with the following information:

          Your Name           Address

          Best telephone number to reach you on the day before (in case of rain)

          Any other information you think we might need to know before the workshop

How Much?  There is no fee

What to Bring?  Dress in clothing suitable for a day outside in damp grass (layers are good, sandals are not recommended)

   Water (to drink – we’ll provide water for cleaning stones)

   A folding chair or stool if you are not able to stand for 4 hours (cemeteries are generally short on seating)

   Work gloves if you are serious about the hands-on part


   Pencil and paper (if you are the note-taking sort)

   Camera or phone with a camera (if you are the picture-taking sort)


   Bug repellent (maybe we’ll get lucky, but they’re often still about in September!)

About the Instructor:  Jennifer Stucker took on her first historic cemetery preservation project when she was 14.  Decades later, along with her husband, John Eck, and volunteers from Seaside Grange, she began the restoration of the abandoned Mill Pond Cemetery in Corea, receiving awards from both the Association for Gravestone Studies as well as the Maine Old Cemetery Association in recognition of their outstanding work in the field of Cemetery Preservation.  Over the past ten years, she has worked with numerous professional conservators across the U. S., spending 100’s of hours to develop her skills to restore and preserve gravestones in Maine’s historic cemeteries and earning the title "The Lichen Lady."