Cemeteries in Gouldsboro

Here is the list of cemeteries located on the Map below, organized by village and referenced by number. Click here or on the map image to see a larger version.

Specific information regarding each cemetery or monument can be found in reference books and files at the Blance Archive and here on the website. Just click on the cemetery's name on the list to see what we have.

At a minimum, for each cemetery listed you will find maps and directions for how to find it. If we have any burial records or transcriptions, those have been included here as well. Some have multiple transcriptions, from different sources, including FindAGrave (those links are here too). As with all "records," they are only as reliable as the record-keeper, and their accuracy can only be confirmed by a visit to the cemetery.

More cemeteries are found each year, so this is definitely a "work in progress." If you have information about a Gouldsboro cemetery not included here, or if you can add to the information or photos we already have, please let us know! Contact us via email.