Where To Go For More Information

Maine Old Cemetery Association (MOCA)


A treasure trove of information about preservation, restoration, laws pertaining to cemeteries and other resources for those of us in Maine working with cemeteries

MOCA Cleaning Brochure


MOCA Inscription repositories

http://www.moca-me.org/inscription-repositoriesWhere you can find MOCA's published cemetery transcriptions from the whole state

National Center for Preservation Technology and Training


NCPTT is part of the National Park Service; another terrific source of useful and well-researched technical advice.

Chicora Foundation


A treasure trove of excellent advice when considering work in a historic cemetery.

Gravestone Preservation.info


by Jonathan Appel. Another excellent source of information, tools, resources for anyone taking on a cemetery restoration.

Photo Essay of the Mill Pond Cemetery Restoration


This restoration project was undertaken by members of Seaside Grange in Corea over a ten-year period, resurrecting the original village cemetery, abandoned for nearly 100 years and almost completely lost. The photo essay covers the first view years of the Mill Pond Cemetery restoration, highlighting the process they followed and sharing some of their important finds.

Click on the first image, the map at the top left, and scroll through the photos. Explanatory text will appear at the bottom left of your screen.



An excellent step-by-step description of how to photograph a hard-to-read gravestone

Association for Gravestone Studies (AGS)


The international version of MOCA. The "Knowledge Center" on their website has an excellent compilation of links on this and related topics.

Find A Grave


Locate cemetery transcriptions from the whole world!



Another indexed collection of cemetery transcriptions. This one is crowd-sourced and has a great cemetery mapping tool.