Town of Gouldsboro Historical Society

The Town of Gouldsboro Historical Society is devoted to researching, collecting, and preserving the Town's historical material, and educating citizens about the history of our Town and region. The Society serves the community by operating the Old Town House Museum the Blance Archive, and this website; by cooperating with schools, libraries, and local organizations; and by offerring numerous events to inform and entertain the public.

The Society was begun in 1982 by Lyda Noyes and Mary Lou Weaver as the West Gouldsboro Historical Society. They quickly discovered there was much interest throughout the whole town in preserving the history of the area. Thus, in 1983, the name of the Society was changed to the Town of Gouldsboro Historical Society and collections of papers and artifacts concerning the early history of the town were donated to the group.

The Society holds monthly meetings on the first Monday of each month, May through October, where speakers present topics of interest concerning early residents, businesses, or specific features of the area. A listing of this year's programs can be found here and on our Facebook Page. In addition, the Society periodically publishes monographs related to Town history as well as an Annual Newsletter distributed to its members.

The Society is a 501(C)(3) and organized as permitted under Title 13-B, Maine Revised Statutes Annotated (non-profit organization) and operates from by-laws overseen by a Board of Directors. Several committees see to the running and up-keep of the Society and buildings. A curator and assistant curator are responsible for the display and handling of all collections. All staff and Board positions are non-paying.