Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Blance Archive is open only by appointment

Digging Deeper

Where to start? The Blance Archive, housed at Society headquarters, contains numerous documents of historical interest and value to researchers: maps; photographs; town tax ledgers; personal and store ledgers; genealogical records; scrapbooks; and much more. Our genealogical section contains information on many of the early families of the area -- census records, death records, family genealogies, and cemetery transcriptions.

The Blance Archive has irregular hours, but available by appointment. If you have specific inquiries about Town or Gouldsboro family history, questions about our collections, or would like to visit the Blance Archive, please contact our archivists by email.

Admission to the Archive is by donation and open to the public.

If a visit is not possible, the Daughters of Liberty published a compilation of our local history in 1904 called Historical Researches of Gouldsboro Maine. It is still in print and available for purchase. See our Publications page. There is also a version available to read online at HathiTrust.

From 1954 through 1960, author Bernice Richmond wrote a newsletter, The Peninsula Gazette, about the events of the Schoodic Peninsula. She recorded day to day activities and interviewed older residents for their memories of earlier history. These volumes are a fascinating chronicle of life on the Schoodic Peninsula during the first half of the 20th century. Thanks to the Winter Harbor Library, they can be viewed here.

There are many other resources already available online for historical researchers. Many of those with information pertaining to our area can be found here.