Historic Places in Gouldsboro

The Society owns and maintains two historic buildings: the Old Town House was built in 1884 and houses our Museum; the Gouldsboro Historical Society headquarters building, formerly known as Gouldsboro United Methodist Church, houses our offices, the Blance Archive, and Young-Webber Hall where we hold meetings and Bean Suppers.

In addition there are several other buildings in Gouldsboro, listed on the National Register of Historic Places:

The West Gouldsboro Village Library (Route 186, east side, between Jones Cove and Jones Pond, West Gouldsboro). Fred Savage, the most influential architect of the time on Mount Desert Island and northeast Maine, was commissioned to design this gem in 1906. It was completed in 1907 and has a field stone half-wall front that tapers off on the side walls, plus the two field stone chimneys - one on each end. The fireplace mantles were donated to the library by Mrs. Helen Sears.

The West Gouldsboro Union Church (Route 186 between Jones Cove and Jones Pond West Gouldsboro). Church construction began in 1888-'89. Although we do not know who designed the building or where the plans came from, the assumption is that it was constructed by ships' carpenters because of the interior finish work. As one stands at the back of the sanctuary and looks up, it appears you are looking at the bottom of a ship. Also, the two round stained glass windows represent a ship's wheel. The interior is made of tongue-in-groove woodwork with parquetry work along the ceiling. It's worth taking a look.

Prospect Harbor Light Station (Prospect Harbor Pt. Prospect Harbor). Perched on the east side of the entrance to Prospect Harbor, Maine, was originally established in 1850. It is still in use today.

Soderholtz, Eric E., Cottage (off Route 186, .5 miles South of US 1 in West Gouldsboro)